What can I get with my Points?


    Users may redeem their Points for the following Curl Club Rewards benefits:


    100+ Points = Redeem 100+ Points for a deluxe travel size Ouidad product of user’s choosing.


    250 Points = Redeem 250 Points for $25 off any product purchase on


    750 Points = Redeem 750 Points for $150 off any product purchase on


    Unless otherwise indicated by Ouidad, Points may be redeemed in conjunction with discounts or offers granted by Ouidad. Ouidad may limit the number of Points which may be redeemed at one time. For example, a user may redeem Points for multiple product Rewards in a single purchase, if user’s Points balance allows. However, users may not claim more than one of the same product Reward in a single purchase. Similarly, users may redeem only one discount Reward per purchase. However, users may redeem both product Rewards and a discount Reward in a single purchase.


    Users must accumulate 100 Points before being eligible to redeem Points. Users with fewer than 100 Points will not be able to redeem those Points until they have acquired at least 100 Points.


    The system will update the User’s remaining Points after Points are redeemed. 


    Curl Club Rewards Points cannot be applied to prior purchases.

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