How to: Style Frizz-Free Curls with Climate Control Gel


     Summer may be peak frizz season, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to wearing your curls in a ponytail until fall. For smooth, defined, frizz-free curls, all you need are the right tools.

    Watch and learn how to protect your curls from frizz using the “rake and shake” method and our bestselling Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel. This “top coat” for curls is designed to work with humidity, not against it, to balance moisture levels and leave curls bouncy and defined—never frizzy.

    Product used:

    Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
    Clear Control Pomade

    How to get the look:
    1. Starting with clean, damp curls, separate hair into sections and secure with a clip.

    2. Beginning with the section at the nape of your neck, rake a nickel-size amount of Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel through curls from roots to ends.

    3. While still holding the ends of your hair, shake at the wrist to encourage your natural curl pattern. Tip: Smaller sections create more definition and volume.

    4. Repeat on the remaining sections.

    5. Blow dry your curls with a diffuser on a low, warm setting—or allow curls to air dry.

    6. Open the curl with a finishing product, such as Ouidad Clear Control Pomade. Pull your curls into a "pineapple" ponytail on top of your head, and use your hands to run the pomade over your hair.

    7. Love your frizz-free curls all summer long!


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