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Earning & Redeeming Points

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

None at all! That’s the best part about being a Curl Rewards member: you will always have an opportunity to earn more points by shopping with us, engaging with our brand and community online, and through invitation-only sales just for rewards members

Can I earn or redeem points in Ouidad Salons?

We’re sorry, at this time you can only earn and redeem points on Ouidad.com. We’ll keep you posted if expand our rewards program in the future!

How do points convert to dollars?

It’s simple: When you shop on Ouidad.com, you get 1 Curl Point for every $1 you spend on Ouidad products. VIP rewards members earn even more: Members in the Silver tier earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent. (So, spend $100 and earn 125 points.) Membe

How do I redeem my points?

Exchanging your points for great rewards couldn't be easier! Simply visit the Curl Rewards page to view all the reward options and click the “Redeem Now” button to claim a reward.