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Does my Tier ever expire?

Once you enter the Silver or Gold tier, you will be in that tier for 12 months from the date you earned it. Keep interacting with our program to maintain your status (or even move up a tier)!

How will I know when I have reached a new tier?

When you qualify for a new tier, you will automatically be sent an email welcoming you to that new level. If the tier you have crossed into is either Silver or Gold, this email will also include a unique coupon code to redeem your one-time rewards co

How do I know which rewards tier I am currently a member of?

When you are signed in to your Ouidad.com account, your tier status will be displayed on the rewards page. You can also see your tier status by viewing your rewards history on the same page. Additionally, you will receive an email notification confir

How is my VIP tier determined?

Ouidad offers three Curl Rewards tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can view the perks associated with each level on the rewards page.   Your VIP tier is determined by the amount you spend on Ouidad.com. Membership in the Bronze tier is free. Once